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Ciao again,
Ho un altro problema. Abbiate pietà :eek:

The woman is still talking about her past and says: "Kutrz was not the only one who made moves. I went out with a few that first winter. Even Gallagher and had dinner a couple times, though it was plain as plain he had a major crush for Joanna."

I looked up "plain" and found "as plain as a pikestaff" and "as plain as it can be" per dire "chiaro come il sole", "lampante", but I couldn't find "as plain as plain". DOes it mean the same?
Grazie mille a tutti voi.
  • baldpate

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    there is a formula in English : as X as X can be
    which means : as X as it is possible to be
    You can substitute many (not all!) adjectives for X, including plain

    I think your plain as plain is a contraction of plain as plain can be, which as the others have already confirmed = as plain as it is possible to be
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