1. Ethel_34 Senior Member

    how would you translate this french expression that means "a person you just have sex with" ?
    I propose nothing, i really have no idea...

  2. Aaarrgh Member

    French - France
    A sexfriend ?

    Je sais pas si c'est vraiment un terme anglais, mais je l'ai déjà entendu en France :D
  3. Ethel_34 Senior Member

    Oui moi j'ai déjà entendu 'fucking friend", mais le problème de ces expression c'est le terme "friend", parce qu'on est pas toujours amis dans ces cas la :)
    mais merci.
  4. harrythelm Senior Member

    USA English
    On peut dire : My steady lay … mais ce n'est pas ce que la langue a de plus élégant (je sais, je sais, plan cul non plus)
  5. Ethel_34 Senior Member

    Oui, on est pas la pour faire de l'élégance je crois :)
    est ce que "steady lay" est parfaitement américain ou bien fait partie de l'anglais international ?
  6. Ikeagirl Member

    Poitiers, France

    J'ai déjà entendu "fuckbuddy" (AE, je pense). On pourrait éventuellement dire "one-night-stand", mais cela équivaudrait plus au "coup d'un soir" en français. C'est moins vulgaire, je pense, que "plan cul".
  7. sam's mum

    sam's mum Senior Member

    England English
    My 17yr-old son assures me that fuckbuddy is used in BE too. However, I prefer the expression steady lay.
  8. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    FWB if you want to be less crude about it ("friend with benefits").

    Once again, here the term "friend" is not to be taken too literally in these arrangements!
  9. ygi New Member

    Pour moi ce n'est pas la meme chose...

    Un Fucking Friend ou Fucking Buddy (ce qui est la meme chose) est une personne qui fait partie du milieu sociale (ami, pote) qui baisent ensemble occasionellement pour passer le temps, en etant clair des le depart que ce n'est que purement sexuel... jusqu'a ce qu'un des 2 commence une relation amoureuse....
    Le plan Q, c'est quelqu'un qu'on ne connait pas qu'on vient de rencontrer dans une soiree.. ou meme sur le net... le sexe sans lendemain... on ne le revoit plus...c'est a peine si on connait son prenom; pour moi l'expression anglaise pour le plan Q c'est le One Night Stand
  10. Alliko Member

    Paris, France
    English (American)
    Yes, ygi is correct - a "fuck buddy" implies someone you see on a (somewhat) regular basis, or at least more than once or twice. A "friend with benefits" is usually someone you see even more regularly, or have a bit more emotional attachment to. On the other hand, a "one night stand" is generally one time only, with no plans to ever see the person again.
  11. Michael_B

    Michael_B Senior Member

    Nice, France
    It also doesn't work because "plan cul" describes the nature of the relationship and not the partner.

    Tu l'aimes ? Non c'est juste un plan cul.
    Do you love her ?
    No it's just a sex thing.

    Now that the native english speakers have that in mind, they can potentially find something better.
  12. ygi New Member

    For me, there is a contradiction in what you've just said...
    "Plan Cul" = no relationship ... then it cannot describe it anyway.. I mean in my mind you never fuck twice in a "plan cul"

    Anyway, perhaps we use this term differently in our different regions
  13. broglet

    broglet Senior Member

    English - England
    bonjour et bienvenue sur le forum ygi

    In BE, we do not talk about fucking friends or fucking buddies in this context - ie we don't use the present participle - but as others have pointed out we do refer to fuck buddies, with the verb and noun in apposition.

    You are absolutely right about the use of 'one night stand' (mais aucun besoin de majuscules)
  14. WillHelpIfICan Senior Member

    English - UK
    Tu l'aimes ? Non c'est juste un plan cul.
    Do you love her? No, we're just fuckbuddies.
  15. Michael_B

    Michael_B Senior Member

    Nice, France
    I said relationship, for lack of a better word, what matters here is that "plan cul" describes the connection/relation between you and the person, not the person.

    It's easy to check, you wouldn't say :

    "elle est un plan cul"
    "il est mon plan cul"


    "c'est un plan cul"
    "j'ai un plan cul"

    And you know it because you said "you never fuck twice in a plan cul" and not "never fuck twice a plan cul"..

    It must be different in Belgium because in Paris (or in France I guess), a "plan cul" is when two people agree to have sex and just sex. It can be only once with someone you've just met and who you're never gonna see again after that, but also someone you know and call from time to time when you need to get laid, because the person doesn't matter here, as I said "plan cul" doesn't characterize the person. You can definitely say in french : "I have a plan cul ce soir with a friend", or "you know her? Yeah, I've had several plans cul with her"

    So it can mean, fuckfriend/fuckbuddy like in the example I've provided in my previous post but not always, depending on the context.

    Example :

    "J'ai un plan cul ce soir avec une fille rencontrée sur le net"
    "I have a booty call tonight with a girl I met on the internet" (?)

    I'm not sure there's a direct translation to "plan cul", but if you can say both "have a booty call" and "be a booty call", then you have it.

    Otherwise, just use booty call, one-night stand, and fuckbuddy depending on the context.
  16. Geordie_Wilber

    Geordie_Wilber Senior Member

    La Vallée de la Poix (80290)
    Geordieland, Geordie (English of sorts!)
    Do you love her ? Nah, it's just a shag/fuck/somewhere to put it.
  17. SteveRusso Senior Member

    Français de France
    Even though it does not exactely mean a "plan cul", there is another common expression for qualifying a relationship: "No Strings Attached" (or NSA). I saw this expression quite often on Craig's List.
  18. purplemonkeyfish New Member

    Le Mans
    English - UK
    You could argue that plan cul was more of a hookup (to use an American expression). You just meet, sleep with the person and nothing more.
  19. Donaldos

    Donaldos Senior Member

    French - France
    Oui, c'est ce à quoi j'ai aussi pensé en lisant le titre du fil.
  20. phil_66

    phil_66 Member

    castellano/inglés y (bilingüe)
    In English we use the U.S. term "fuck bud" or "fuck buddy", which sounds vulgar in certain company.
  21. malouwa

    malouwa Member

    Dijon, France
    American English
    Hi All,

    American English "terminology" for this situation is a "Booty Call". Sorry Mama...
  22. timboleicester

    timboleicester Senior Member

    English - UK
    I have heard "sex friend" used in french for fuck buddy.....I think a "plan cul" is just a sex meet however as the other suggestions...like booty call and fuck buddy imply more regular contact. If you went on "gaydar" arranged sex with a stranger this would be a "plan cul" this is a sex meet or a play date...
  23. malouwa

    malouwa Member

    Dijon, France
    American English
    I disagree with you, timboleicester, regarding the implication of regular contact concerning a "booty call". At least in part. In American English, the term may be employed to describe going out with the sole intention of meeting someone to have sex with, as well as referring to meeting with a regular contact for just for sex. A "booty call" is a sex meet with a known or unknown partner on a one-time or recurring basis. A just-for-sex encounter, in short.
  24. phil_66

    phil_66 Member

    castellano/inglés y (bilingüe)
    The terms I have indicated i.e. "fuck bud" and "fuck buddy" originate from U.S. gay slang. By the way, I am male so perhaps you mean to say "papa". Only joking. What does "booty call" mean in Queen´s English, please?
  25. tobymutz101 New Member

    english england
    Being British English, I've never heard or used the term "fuck buddy" except in American movies - anyway it sound too vulgar term to use in polite conversation.

    In my opinion, in UK "un plan cul" is more like having a "casual (sexual) relationship" with someone either as a one-off "fling" or "one-night stand", or as "casual lovers" who get together on a regular or on occasions for "recreational sex" sometimes referred to as "fun times" in lonely hearts ads. with no expectation on either side of a romantic commitment.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2012
  26. mec_américain Senior Member

    US, English
    +1. The expression is very popular in the U.S. and pretty polite, as such things go---it's the title of a recent movie.

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