plan to listen to all the music nominated for a Grammy

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  1. cambiandodetema

    cambiandodetema Senior Member

    Hello, all!

    When my teacher asks what I am up to I want to say I am listening to all the music that has been nominated for a Grammy.

    Would i say the following: Tengo planes de escuchar toda la música que fueron nominado por un Grammy.

    Am I close?
  2. gato radioso Senior Member

    Yes, you are, but there´s a little nuance:
    Estoy escuchando.... I´m actually doing it right now
    Tengo planes de escuchar... I´ve set out to do it in a future time. I have plans now to do it, but I´m not listening that music yet.
  3. nellie1973

    nellie1973 Senior Member

    Native English (England) and Portuguese
    Just to note a couple of corrections/clarifications...
    1) "música" is feminine and singular so the verb needs to reflect that and
    2) Are you referring to all music ever nominated or just for this year.?
    "Estoy escuchando toda la música que fue nominada (este año) por un Grammy" or simply "Estoy escuchando toda la música nominada (todas las canciones nominadas) (este año) por un Grammy"
  4. Circunflejo Senior Member

    Castellano de Castilla
    That's not what the title of the thread says so I think the first step is to clarify if you want to say I am listening or I plan to listen.
  5. Magazine

    Magazine Senior Member

    De Madrid al Cielo
    Debe ser para, nellie :)

    A la espera de saber lo que ha querido decir cambiando...
  6. cambiandodetema

    cambiandodetema Senior Member

    I have started listening to the nominated music and I plan to listen to all of the nominated music.
  7. Ballenero

    Ballenero Senior Member

    Basque country
    Spanish - Spain
    He empezado a escuchar la música nominada y mi plan es escuchar a todos los nominados (a los grammy).
  8. nanel Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    De acuerdo con Ballenero. Otra opción sería:

    ... y mi intención es escuchar...

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