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Hello There,

I am looking for a word in English. Does someone know how you call the next action?

When playing football and somebody try to tackle you with his foot showing the studs. In Spanish we name this action "plancha". Well at least we do in Spain were I am from.

Thanks in advance.
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    No sé si hay un término específico en inglés. A veces se dice "the player went in with his studs showing"
    ('went in'...attempted to tackle)
    Hola masood, y gracias por tu pronta respuesta. Estoy buscando el reglamento para esa acción en ingles, y no soy capaz de encontrarlo. Por eso me preguntaba si habia una traducción.
    I might be wrong here but I think a "plancha" is a "sliding tackle" and can be made without showing your studs.

    Does anyone agree with me (especially with my first point)?

    I friendly disagree, Syd. :) A "plancha" is this. Down here, I've also heard "entrar con los tacos por delante".

    I've looked here, but I didn't find an entry for "plancha".

    Yes, after spend a while looking in the Internet, I agree. Thanks Masood, you were right.
    Gracias MAsood, eres un crack!!

    Te agrdezco mucho la ayuda con "la plancha" y esa corrección final, gracias por tomarte unos segundos en corregirme.
    In addition to "tackle with studs showing" (action) or "studs showing tackle" / "studs showing" (to call the move) I have seen it written this way "tackle with studs up" or "studs up tackle".

    Además de "tackle with studs showing" (acción) o "studs showing tackle" / "studs showing" (para llamar a la jugada) lo he visto escrito de esta forma "tackle with studs up" o "studs up tackle".
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