1. Malquito Senior Member

    English - UK

    I've come across the term plancher haut in a set of fire regulations. The context is:

    La chaufferie doit avoir un plancher haut et des parois coupe-feu de degré 1 heure.

    Would I be right in assuming that means the floor directly above the boiler room (in other words, the boiler room ceiling) must have 1 hour fire resistance?
  2. arundhati Senior Member

    French - France
    Yes, you're right, as well as the walls actually ("des parois").
  3. Malquito Senior Member

    English - UK
    Drôle de nom pour un plafond!

  4. Embonpoint Senior Member

    so a "plancher haut," or high floor, means ceiling?
  5. Malquito Senior Member

    English - UK
    In this case, yes. But the context is a technical document, so I doubt anyone would say it in normal conversation (more likely plafond). I also suspect it to have a slightly more structural role in the integrity of a building than a mere ceiling... Just a subtle difference (I suspect).
  6. Gerard Samuel

    Gerard Samuel Senior Member

    New York City
    American English
    One idea for "le plancher haut": the upstairs floor

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