Planos eléctricos / esquemas eléctricos

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  1. zvezda Senior Member

    Girona, Catalonia
    Hi guys,

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between "Planos eléctricos" and "Esquemas eléctricos" and how do I translate them ? Would it be correct to put it like this : Electrical drawings and electrical schemes ?
    (it's in an index , parts of a machine and stuff)
  2. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna Matata Senior Member

    Español - Argentina
    Your translation is OK.
    Usually the meaning of both phrases is almost the same, a "drawing" is more detailed than a "scheme".
  3. zvezda Senior Member

    Girona, Catalonia
    Thank you for your fast answer, Hakuna Matata :)
  4. pacovidal New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Engineers here usually use "plano eléctrico" for a floorplan or a machine plan with all the electrical apparel drawn in it: cables, plugs, etc. It is used to know where the wires, switches, etc. are placed in the real building or machine.

    "Esquema eléctrico" is a concept scheme, I mean, you do not see the actual wires or switches, but a normalized representation of them, and it is used to explain how the electrical system works.
  5. zvezda Senior Member

    Girona, Catalonia
    Thanks for explaining the difference, Paco!

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