plant-wide alarm systems

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    Dealing with a nuclear reactor's design and its components, how would you translate "plant-wide alarm systems" ?

    My attempt :

    "les systèmes d'alarme à l'échelle de la centrale"
    but this sounds like "literal translation" though it's quite clear

    maybe I've got the meaning with :
    "les systèmes d'alarme généraux" ?
    "les systèmes d'alarme centraux" ?

    thanks for your clues...
  2. Frog Lover Member

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    Et pourquoi pas "les systèmes d'alarmes du site" ?
    (plant-wide = couvrant l'ensemble du site industriel)
  3. XavRab Member

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    excellente idée ! je n'y avais pas pensé
    merci :)

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