plantings <in keeping with> their heritage

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The design introduced aquatic and terrestrial plantings and improvement works around the pond edges to assist with bank stabilization, habitat and water quality improvements. Ibis habitat was removed from the islands and replaced with 'tropical' style plantings in keeping with their heritage significance.

Dear all, I am not sure about the red part in this paragraph altough I can undersand the paragraph tells a landscape approach to improve the water quality and fauna system of the pond...could you help me? Thanks alot!
  • Thomas Tompion

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    I think the point is that the tropical style plantings are in the traditional style of the area. Heritage means what we have inherited in the environment, history, buildings, plants, etc. from our ancestors. If traditional indigenous plants and animals have been replaced either artificially or by natural migration by other species, a place comes to look very different. Perhaps these ibises were unwelcome for some reason - damage to the mud as they rootle for crustaceans? Are they an indigenous bird? Have they upset some sort of ecological balance?

    It looks as though this new design is aiming to restore the look of the place to what has historically been the mood and appearance of the place.
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