plataforma marina

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    ¿Cómo se dice en inglés 'plataforma marina'? No tengo más contexto. Es un texto sobre riesgos laborales y enumera tipos o lugares de trabajo más peligrosos que otros.
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  2. lily8

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    Sea platform?
  3. Reina140

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    Marina Platform. Muy fácil.
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  4. Triticum

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    I think the best would be sea platform, followed by marine platform.

    Marina in English is a noun (a place to dock boats), not an adjective.
  5. andym Senior Member

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  6. aacker02 Member

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    Would sea shelf be the right term?
  7. EddieZumac

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    I've heard it called "offshore drilling platform".
  8. Vampiro

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    "Offshore platform"

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