plate [plait] a rage


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"On the last half-mile, turning out of the Salinas Valley and driving up the unscraped road under the great oak trees, Samuel tried to plait a rage to take care of his embarrassment." Steinbeck: East of Eden.

Did he tried to make his anger stronger similarly when we want to plait a rope?


"I tried to google "plait a rage" and got one hit only. Unusual expression."
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    Hello veracity:

    Yes, I think you've got the meaning--he was trying to create rage within himself to get rid of his embarrassment.

    Be careful with your spelling of "plait"--you've got the title of your query wrong. I also put the entry into Google out of curiousity (with "plait" spelled "plait") and didn't get anything either, but Steinbeck was not borrowing a common expression, he was describing what was happening inside his character in an original way.


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    Veracity, could you please verify the spelling in the original? You have "plate a rage" in the title, and both "plait a rage" and "pate a rage" in your post.
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