1. Tropicgirl89 Member

    What does "platicar" mean in English? I was told that it meant something like "talking to you". Someone said "me gusta platicar" and when I asked what that was they said "in English it's like talking to you". I'm not sure if that's how you spell it though.
  2. Bienvenidos

    Bienvenidos Senior Member

    It means to chat, in most cases.
  3. ñañitacanadiense New Member

    Canada, English
    Platicar = talking. I am pretty sure it is Mexican spanish, and "me gusta platicar" is I like talking, chatting, having a conversation...
  4. Tropicgirl89 Member

    k thanks guys
  5. Juan Carlos Garling

    Juan Carlos Garling Senior Member

    Spanish Chile/Argentina
    It's certainly used in Mexico, perhaps also in other countries, but not, though understandable, in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

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