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    Hi friends,
    I'm trying to translate a "quitclaim deed" and I have a problem with this part "...according to the plat thereof recorded in Volume 5 of Plats, page 93...".
    Yo he intentado: " ...como se puede ver del mismo plano catastral registrado en el Volumen 5 de _______________, página 93..." Mi duda es si Plats así con mayúscula se refiere a algún tipo de Registro Público de algún tipo de propiedad. ¿?
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    A plat is a drawing showing the boundaries of a property and sometimes the boundaries of a number of properties.

    In this context, Plats undoubtedly does refer to a public register. In the US, we don't register land titles (at least, not in most states). We have a different system that depends on instruments affecting title to real property being recorded in books maintained by a public office. Typically these books have titles like Deeds, Maps, and so on. In this case, the state has a set of books called Plats. I would translate it as "Mapas."

    en el Volumen 5 de Mapas, página 93
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    Thanks a lot! RicardoElAbogado. You really helped me.
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    Yes. In fact, plats are often referred to as "plat maps".
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    Thank you so much litiga8or.

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