play hard ball


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what does "to play hard ball" mean? cosa significa "play hard ball"?
can someone help me??...please..
  • paolorausch

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    When you play hard ball it means that you are going to start being serious.

    For example, "That woman has not paid her rent in 2 months, we should call a lawyer and start playing hard ball"

    or, "they are not holding anything back, it is time to play hard ball"

    It comes from the game of baseball, where it applies slightly differently.

    I hope that helps! I am sure someone else can explain it better.


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    Very good. The expression is used because there is another game called softball which uses a ball that is bigger and not so hard as a basebell and generally is not thrown by the pitcher as fast as a hardball can be thrown, so the risk of getting hurt is less than in hardball, that is, baseball.