play off of each other


"When you watch a cut scene in Uncharted 2, it feels like the actors are playing off of each other, and it feels like there’s a real relationship there, and that’s because there is."

"They were together in the pre-shoot, playing with dialogue, tweaking lines - and then when it came time to record actual dialogue for the game, they were in the same room, playing off of each other, shooting the scene just as if it were for a film."

What I found meaning of 'play off' is 'make joke' or 'deceive'...
but I think in this context, these meaning looks weird.
Do you know what he wants to say?

Thanks in advance.
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    To play off other actors means that they are using the other actors' lines and expressions and movements to affect/alter/enhance their own performances. Rather than simply delivering their lines as they were written, the actors are adding nuance to their own lines based on what another actor has said or done. When this is done well, you get a more natural, believable performance.


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    One is using the energy given off by the other and vice-versa to create a natural rapport on screen. They are clicking as we often say and are in complete sync with each other making it all natural to them to play the roles they have and make it seem real rather than acted..


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    Also note that, in Copyright's reply (post #2), he uses the phrase to play off. That's the proper phrase. The phrase used by the writer in the quote, "play off of", is grammatically incorrect.
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