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I got this from the movie The Dark Knight. It's when Harvey Dent took the mentally ill man and forced him to tell Harvey about the Joker? Harvey flipped the coin to help him decide whether to kill this man or not. The first time it was Head (as it would always be because it was a two-headed coin - the man didn't know about it though) which means that the man kept his life. However, Harvey told him: "Let's play again." The man screamed: "I don't know anything." Harvey said: "You're not playing the odds." and flipped the coin.
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    I guess it means "luck isn't on your side". As he thought it was a regular coin there'd be a 50% chance it'd land on heads and he would live, which isn't exactly favorable odds if he wants to keep silent and live. So Harvey's trying to coax the man into talking.
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