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We took our kid to the amusement park today. We saw the roller coaster, I asked my kid: "Do you want to take a ride, do you want to play the roller coaster?"

Is it correct to say "play roller coaster" here?

Thank you.
  • ridgemao

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    If I wanted to ask my daughter whether she wanted to go playing in the Ferris Wheel? I think I should not say "Do you want to play the Ferris Wheel? " But what should I ask here?

    Thank you again.


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    Roller coasters and Ferris wheels and the like are considered "rides," so we generally use "ride" as our verb. Sometimes you'll hear "go on," e.g. "Do you want to go on the roller coaster?" or "Do you want to ride the roller coaster?"


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    It may just be a BE variation, but I wouldn't use "ride" as the verb in this context. I'd say "Do you want to go on..."
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