"playhouse" for "indoor play center"?


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Can you use the word "playhouse" for "indoor play center"? (Because I know "playhouse" means things other than that.)
Such as
"I'll take the kids to the playhouse today."
AE/BE differences?

  • suzi br

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    To me, a play house is a mini house that kids can play in at a creche or nursery, but I presume that is not what you mean, looking at the sentence as a whole.

    If you are talking about a big commercial centre or local recreation facility we usually talk about them using the name of the centre or facility itself.

    I'm taking the kids to the Wacky Warehouse.


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    I agree with Beryl, A playhouse is a shed for 2 or 3 kids to play in. An indoor play center is a big area, the total opposite of a playhouse. I hope it helped :)
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