Playing back "una vaca/la vaca o vaca" in an App

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    this might be a little bit off topic but I'm creating an app which shows an image of a word and then you should guess the word writing it. It also have a feature off reading the word and I'm not sure how to playback the word.

    For example if the image is of an cow should the play button play:
    * Una vaca
    * La vaca
    * Vaca

    It's a learning game and right now the word that you should guess is "vaca" but I might change it to "La vaca" or "Una vaca" but as I will start recording the words soon I need to be sure what form to use!

    So what form do you think I should use?

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. TitoHL

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  3. cubaMania Senior Member

    Is this app intended for learners of Spanish as a second language, i.e. non-native speakers of Spanish? If so, always include an article showing gender when teaching a noun.
    It's not a question of grammar but of teaching techniques.
  4. chics

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    Anyway, I think that "una vaca" seems more friendly than "vaca", but this might be subjective and a question of style... you choose!

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