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    In playing cards, we say Ace, Spades, Club, Jack, etc and I wonder how to say those in Spanish:

    Diamond - Diamante?
    Spades - ?
    Club - ?
    Heart - Corazón?

    Ace - ?
    Jack - ?
    Queen - Reyna?
    King - Rey?

    Gracias por la ayuda
  2. krolaina

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    The spanish deck of cards is as follows:

    Oros (golden coins), Copas (goblets), Espadas (spades?? I'm not sure about this one) and Bastos (clubs)

    The three figures are: sota (jack), caballo (queen) and rey (king).

    Hope it helps.
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    I suggest a search on the internet under "Playing Cards". The Wikipedia article is quite complete and informative.
  4. mechindo New Member

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    In Spanish, the names of the french deck of cards are as follows:

    Diamond/Diamonds - Diamante/Diamantes
    Spade/Spades - Pica/Picas
    Club/Clubs - Trébol/Tréboles
    Heart/Hearts - Corazón/Corazones

    Ace - As
    Jack - Sota
    Queen - Reina
    King - Rey

    Hope it helps

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