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hello everyone, would you please help me with the following:
if I'm about to play chess against somebody in a tournament, how would I introduce him to my friends? would I say: this is my competitor? or this is my opponent? or this is my co-player?
next question is that if the one who is going to play against me is my friend and after checking the chart we find out that we are going to play aginst each other, how do we express this? will I say something like: look we are playing together. or look we are playing against each other. or look we are opponents.
thank you very much in advnace
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    Competitor: Someone who competes. It says nothing about who for or against whom.
    Opponent: Someone (or group or thing) that opposes you
    Co-player: Someone else who plays. There is a suggestion that you play on the same side, but it is only a suggestion.
    I am sure you can work out which of these fits best.

    In your second question, all three sentences work. 'Against each other' is best of the three in my opinion.
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