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Hello everyone,

I don't understand what a "playpen-crib" is. "Playpen" seems to be a "parc pour bébés" but "crib" seems to be a "berceau"... What does this mean? Here is the context:

"They packed their Volkswagen with two coolers full of food, two tents, ponchos, air mattresses, plastic shower curtains, a portable playpen-crib filled with baby toys, a bag of puzzles, crayons, books, and thair two children."

My try:
"Ils entassèrent dans leur Volkswagen deux glacières remplies de nourriture, deux tentes, des ponchos, des matelas pneumatiques, des rideaux de douche en plastique, un parc pour bébés rempli de jouets pour enfants, un sac de puzzles, des crayons, des livres, et leurs deux enfants."

Thanks for your help!
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    a playpen-bed is just what it says literally--a portable piece of furniture that serves both purposes (usually for travel)

    It is known widely in the US by a trademark name--Pack-n-Play (used now like "Kleenex", no matter what brand)

    A francophone web search under the trademark name yields lit-parapluie
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    Yes, indeed, "lit parapluie" is exactly what I was looking for, thank you wildan1! And thank you nopal!
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