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Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by Meyer Wolfsheim, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Meyer Wolfsheim Senior Member

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    Hello everyone,
    I have been emailing with a professor of the German language and at the end of each email she writes: Please advise! I believe that she is not a native English speaker (she is a native German speaker). I was wondering if it were a literal translation of a German verb phrase.

    Here is the entire email:
    Lieber Seth,

    es tut mir sehr leid, aber ich bin seit gestern krank! Ich kann heute nicht zu Clark kommen!

    I apologize, Seth, but I have been a little under the weather since yesterday and will not be able to come to Clark today. Do you think there might be a day and time next week that we could schedule a meeting for? Please advise!
  2. Sowka

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    Hello Meyer Wolfsheim :)

    In my environment, "please advise" is very common, also among native speakers of English (engineers, though ... ;)).

    I understand it as something like: "Please let me know what you think about this", "let me have your suggestions" etc. I can't think of any German phrase that it might have been derived from; I actually had to learn "please advise".

    Oh, this is so funny: EncyclopaediaDramatica:

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  3. Meyer Wolfsheim Senior Member

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    Then this must be an issue of dialect/usage. I find it very awkward to end a sentence with "Please advise" because it is too ambiguous.
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    Please advise is used to emphasize that I require some information from you before I can proceed. Don't just read this and forget about it - I am waiting for you to do something for me! The information or action that is required should be explained elsewhere in the message. In this case, the professor is waiting for you to stipulate a time and date.
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  6. Meyer Wolfsheim Senior Member

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    Ah yes but the date and time were already decided; this "please advise" was sent as a response to my setting of the date/time.
  7. Derselbe Senior Member

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    Looks like a question to me not a response.

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