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Discussion in 'English Only' started by TerryWang, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. TerryWang Senior Member

    Dear all,

    I found the expression "Please be noted that......" quite a bit odd to me, because "note" should not be used in passive voice with the subject as a person. For example, I never heard "You should be noted that......". So it really puzzles me why many people use it that way. I wish someone could give me a hand.

    Millions of thanks,
  2. cycloneviv

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    Hi Terry,

    I agree that this sounds incorrect, however it is not possible to comment further without complete context. Please give us the entire sentence which starts with these words.
  3. Dimcl Senior Member

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    There's no question that the grammar is incorrect. I've never heard it before, though, so I'm surprised to hear you say that "many people use it that way". When I Googled the phrase "Please be noted that", it became apparent that it was almost invariably used on other than English language websites or were translations.

    You may safely tell anyone that this is incorrect (as is "You should be noted that...").
  4. TerryWang Senior Member

    Thanks for your reply, cycloneviv. For example:
    "All exchange students are guaranteed on-campus accommodation, but rooms are to be allocated by Wenzao. Please be noted that request files after application deadline may not be quaranteed. Students who want to apply for on-campus dormitory need to sign the Accommodation Agreement (File A2). ......"

    I hope this helps.

  5. Elwintee Senior Member

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    If this was drafted by university authorities then they should be ashamed of themselves. You can say "Please note that..." or (in a very old-fashioned way) "Let it be noted that ...", but "Please be noted..." reveals a worrying level of illiteracy.
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  6. cubaMania Senior Member

    As Dimcl and Elwintee say, "Please be noted that..." is not correct English. Try these instead:
    Please be advised that...
    Please note that...
    Please take note that...
    The person addressed is being requested to note something (a direct object of the verb "to note") and cannot "be noted". They could, however, "be notified" (passive of "to notify"). It would be grammatically correct to request "Please be notified that..." but we don't say that as often as we say the options listed above.
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  7. Solohina Member

    Hello everyone.
    What about "please, be notified" ? Is is ok to say so?
  8. owlman5

    owlman5 Senior Member

    It doesn't sound very natural in a conversation, Solohina. I'd expect to see such language in a legal warning or something similar. Did you have any particular context in mind?
  9. Joseph CN New Member

    Mandarin - Chinese
    shame on myself. i used to using 'pls be noted...' when communicating with foreign customers. Now i have learnt i should use 'pls note that...'
  10. Copyright

    Copyright Senior Member

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    They will also be impressed with capital letters and "pls" spelled out to "please" -- as will we. :)

    I just happened upon this thread and I think what we're missing by way of excusing "Please be noted" is that it's fairly common in Chinese English -- although I wish it weren't. Please note that is much better.
  11. Pedro y La Torre Senior Member

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    No need to feel shame Joseph, just remember that ''Please note that'' is the correct form.
    If you were feeling in a very formal state of mind, you could write: ''Please let it be noted that...''
  12. Joseph CN New Member

    Mandarin - Chinese
    Thanks for your explanation and sharing.
  13. Joseph CN New Member

    Mandarin - Chinese
    Hi Pedro, so kind of you, thanks.
  14. Roroto New Member

    That's so true. I used to use the expression "please be noted..." unconsciously, as a Chinese. So do many of my Chinese and Japanese colleagues.

    I should refer them all this thread.
  15. wandle

    wandle Senior Member

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    The verb 'to note' means 'to record' or 'to notice'.
    Of course it can be used in the passive: 'to be noted' means 'to be recorded' or 'to be noticed'.

    'These facts must all be noted down and ruminated on' (Hilaire Belloc, The Whale)
    This means '[You or whoever] must write down these facts and think about them'.

    'The new sales figures have been noted with approval.'
    This means the management have noticed the new figures and are pleased.

    As mentioned above, 'Please be notified' does imply some formal, official communication is being made.
    The meaning is that this is something particularly grave or important.

    A much more common office expression, though still somewhat formal, is 'Please be advised that ...'

    Gentler and easier is 'Please be aware that ...' This simply means 'I would like you to know that ...'
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