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With regard to the subject question, after checking the advice from internet, most of them advised that the appropriate sentence sturcture should be "Please note..." instead of "Please be noted".

However, it is questionable that the latter can still be found in the official website that is related to legal matter. For example:


"You should be able to meet a volunteer lawyer generally within 2 weeks after you make the appointment. Please be noted that the scheme only provides preliminary legal advice as to your legal position. You will not be offered any follow-up service nor legal representation. Clients who have been granted legal aid or engaged a private lawyer are not eligible for the scheme."


"Please be noted that if there is evidence of a crime, the perpetrator should be arrested, irrespective of your wishes. The arresting officer should explain the procedure and inform you of the arresting officer's number and the name of the Police Station to which the abuser will be taken."

Please advise.
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    Don't ever use "Please be noted" – there are many examples of this sort of thing on Hong Kong websites, including the government's. If it is some sort of legalese, I'm sure someone will tell us, but I find it hard to imagine.


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    Both of your examples are from Hong Kong, and perhaps "Please be noted" is acceptable in Hong Kong English.

    To me, as a speaker of American English, "Please be noted" sounds like a mistake.
    These two sound correct, and would have about the same meaning:
    "Please let it be noted ...." (correct, but unnecessarily wordy.)
    "Please be advised ...."

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    Probably, they mistook it for such expressions as:
    Please be informed/reminded ...
    If you'd like to use "note," you can just say "Please note ..." in the active voice.
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