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I sent someone an email and I wonder if I should simply say:

Please check it.

Or something better?

Perhaps "Please check whenever you can".

Thanks a lot
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    Please check what? Is there something attached that you want the recipient to comment on? Please explain.
    Sorry for the incomplete context.

    I have A's cell phone number and I sent her an Email. But she's not using a computer while I hope that she can take a look at her email. So I say "I've just sent you an email, please check it".


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    I would only talking about 'checking' an email if I wanted someone to make sure I had my facts right or that my language was appropriate before I sent it off. (If I'm talking about myself, then 'checking my email' is fine to mean so see if I got any email messages.)

    If you're asking someone to read your email, you should talk about looking at the email. You might also want to be a little more polite: 'could you have a look at it?'
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