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  1. Nelion Senior Member

    Hello people.

    There is a small sticker found in hotel rooms, which a visitor can hang on the door to ask the hotel can clean their room.

    What is the best way to say: Please clean-up my room?.
    I have one that says.
    Priere de faire a chambre de suite: This sounds very mechanical to me.

    Can one say: Veuillez nettoyer le chambre, or Priere de balayer le chambre.

    Which is a nice, cordial way of saying it without sounding mechanical and stiff.?
  2. Qiou Senior Member

    Frenchy French
    I've seen "Prière de faire la chambre" and "Merci de faire la chambre". I've never actually seen a "nice" sign for this in french, though.
  3. franc 91 Senior Member

    English - GB
    Je vous demande de bien vouloir nettoyer cette chambre, s'il vous plaît.
  4. Nelion Senior Member


    Franc, remember this is being written on a door-hanger that is around 10cms wide. Thenx though:)
  5. Nelion Senior Member


    Thankx Qiou
  6. Qiou Senior Member

    Frenchy French
    To "sweeten" my suggestion, I might add "Merci de bien vouloir faire la chambre" (based on Franc's suggestion).

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