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Hello people.

There is a small sticker found in hotel rooms, which a visitor can hang on the door to ask the hotel can clean their room.

What is the best way to say: Please clean-up my room?.
I have one that says.
Priere de faire a chambre de suite: This sounds very mechanical to me.

Can one say: Veuillez nettoyer le chambre, or Priere de balayer le chambre.

Which is a nice, cordial way of saying it without sounding mechanical and stiff.?
  • Qiou

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    Frenchy French
    I've seen "Prière de faire la chambre" and "Merci de faire la chambre". I've never actually seen a "nice" sign for this in french, though.


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    To "sweeten" my suggestion, I might add "Merci de bien vouloir faire la chambre" (based on Franc's suggestion).
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