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How would you say "Please consider (it)" in these situations:
- Apply/ask for something.
E.g. "I would like to take part in this activity. Please consider."
Or "Mum, I want to take a piano lesson. Please consider (and give me permisson).
- After suggesting a solution/ an idea/ a plan... to sbd.

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    As usual there are a few expressions but perhaps which of them is most appropriate is not very much influenced whether the purpose is to
    - Apply/ask for something. OR
    - After suggesting a solution/ an idea/ a plan... to somebody.

    I think it's about the speech level. If you are asking your client to give a thought to your proposal, you would say:
    and so on.

    If you are talking in a more casual relationship, such as a daughter asking her mother to let her take piano lesson, 考える or 考えてみる is the choice that fits the bill.

    By the way, I find "Please consider" a bit abrupt in your second example. I would say something much more verbose:
    ねえ、母さん、あたしピアノ習いたいんだけどさあ。えっ、だめ? そんなあ。ねえ、考えてみてよ、お願い。
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