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  1. Tadeo Senior Member

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    I just wanted to know if there is a rule about these.
    The following phrases are very common in the Internet written in both ways:

    Please feel welcomed.
    Please feel welcome.

    All comments welcomed.
    All comments welcome.

    In both cases in the first sentences, welcome is used as a verb and in the second ones as an adjective.

    Is there a rule about this??? Wich are the correct ones???

    Thank you so much.
  2. Tadeo Senior Member

    Español (México)
    Someone? Please?
  3. i heart queso Senior Member

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    Pobrecito Tadeo!!!

    "Please feel welcome" is the normal way to say it. It would be used as: "feel free to give us your comments", for example.

    I suppose "Please feel welcomed" is correct but it sounds very strange. Seems like "Please, feel as if you are being welcomed."

    "All comments welcomed" = We welcome all comments. (welcome as verb)
    "All comments welcome" = All comments are welcome. (welcome as adjective)
    Both are perfectly fine and basically equal in my mind.

    I'm super tired but hopefully this gave you some sort of idea. If not... well, there's always someone else. ;)
  4. Tadeo Senior Member

    Español (México)
    Thank you so much i heart queso, you made my day!!!
  5. Andréstable Banned

    I've never seen "welcomed," used in this way, and I've been a native English speaker for my 18 years of life.

    These are normal to me:

    Please feel welcome.
    You're welcome.
    Everyone is welcome here.

    The only use of "welcomed" as far as I can see is:
    I welcomed her when she arrived with some tea and a cozy fireplace.
  6. Tadeo Senior Member

    Español (México)
    Thanks Andréstable.

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