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    Can you speak more slowly, I am learning French?

    This is the sentence I have come up with, is it correct ?

    " Pouvez vous veuillez me donner votre adresse pour échanger une carte de QSL. "

    How is the word " donner " said ?

    I don't know how to say the first part out loud ... " Pouvez vous veuillez "

    Thanks a lot.
  2. jann

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    Hello Wirral*Squiggle :)

    My goodness, that is a very long post!! People might have a bit of trouble finding your question ;)

    Once you have the correct French sentence, the easiest way to learn how to pronounce it is to type the text into an online pronunciation site where you can hear the words pronounced by a native speake - like this one from our Pronunciation thread in our Resources forum.

    Asking people to type a French sentence out "phontically" is not a very practical way to learn pronunciation! For example, if I wrote you a phonetic transcription, I'm sure it would give you the wrong impression in places, since your British pronunciation is different from my American accent... not to mention regional differences, and transcriptions suggested by non-native English speakers! ;)

  3. Valosh

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    Pouvez vous veuillez me donner votre adresse pour échanger une carte de QSL. "
    This sentence is wrong.
    You either say:
    Pouvez-vous me donner votre adresse....
    Veuillez me donner votre adresse....
  4. Wirral*squiggle New Member

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    I am sorry for the long post, when I get nervous, like asking questions I tend to talk more than required, I have now edited my post to get to the point. lol. I am now getting the hang of how to ask questions on this forum thanks.

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