Please ignore the attachment from my email

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  • MichellleF

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    Bonjour Micia,
    Merci beaucoup pour 'your help!"
    Can you explain to me wt does TENEZ, COMPTE PIECE means?
    Thank you very much!


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    but what about word of ignore?? thanks...

    Sorry..I dont understand the 2nd and 3rd sentences... Can you explain to me please?? Thank you very much!!

    Merci de ne pas tenir compte de la pièce jointe de ce mail.
    Veuillez ne pas tenir compte...
    Je vous remercie de ne pas tenir compte...
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    French (France)
    Using "ignorer" would be less polite in French.
    The 3 sentences I suggested earlier are strictly synonyms and would all fit in a professional email. You can pick one.
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