Please issue the paypal refund


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Okay, I'm going to stumble through this one, as I fear this is my worst attempt yet at a competent phrase. What I am trying to say is:

"Thank you very much. Please issue the paypal refund and I will close the dispute"

What I have cobbled together is:

"Merci mille fois. s'l vous plaît;d'envoyer un Remboursement Paypal et je se terminer l'réclamation."

Help me see the err of my ways :)
  • vanagreg

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    France, French

    though it's not correct, somehow it would be understood. Here is the correction:

    Merci mille fois. Merci de m'envoyer un remboursement par Paypal et je mettrai fin au litige/je retirerai ma réclamation

    In English, the sentences starting with "Please + verb" are often translated as "Merci de + verb" in French.
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