Please pay me now and then order drinks from the bar

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    Bit of background - my French is minimal but I've been offered a job working in a bar, mostly helping out behind the bar and cleaning tables, so my French gets me far enough. But there is something I'm not sure how to say, not just for the words, but for cultural reasons. This is not a nightclub, but a lounge type bar with lots of regular customers and young people. Fairly busy, fairly loud music. At a certain point in the night, you can no longer order from a waitress, you must go to the bar to order drinks. So what I want to get across is 'Please pay me now for the drinks you have ordered, and from now on you can order drinks from the bar". The second part is not too hard - I think something like
    "Après 22h vous pouvez commander au bar"
    would be right? But I'm not sure how to politely but not formally (if that makes sense) ask people to pay, especially since I'm not really asking if they want to but telling them they have to. In English I'd ask a table "Do you mind settling up the tab with me? You can order more drinks from the bar, or I can take orders if you can pay right away" but obviously that uses slang and is pretty run-on.
    Sorry for the long post, like I said, it's just the one concept I need to get across but it's sort of complicated.

    ETA: I should say that this is all taking place in Paris.
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    "Excusez-moi, pourriez-vous me régler maintenant? A partir de maintenant, il faudra commander au bar directement."
    "il est toujours possible de commander si vous réglez maintenant"

    More casual, but still ok:
    "Excusez-moi, pouvez-vous me régler maintenant ? A partir de maintenant, il faudra commander au bar directement."
    "Je peux toujours vous servir si vous réglez maintenant"

    More casual (less polite; don't say that to older people)
    "Excusez-moi, ça vous dérangerait de régler la table ? Les commandes se font au bar maintenant."
    "Je peux faire une dernière tournée si vous payez maintenant".

    I hope it helps !
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    VanOo, you rock! Thanks so much, that's exactly what I need. Perfect!

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