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The forum might be more chaotic and your question might not be answered as quickly, but there was a need for a forum to discuss other languages. Here it is.:)

When there are enough posts for a particular language, we will gladly create a new forum for it.

Also, if there are any problems displaying the characters of your language, please let me know. (Make sure to try Lucida Sans Unicode font first.)


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  • The Word Reference Forums Rules

    1. Be helpful, not hurtful.
    If someone's posting language isn't perfect, don't treat him/her badly.

    2. Be polite.
    The use of "hello", "hi" and "thank you" are welcome.

    3. Look for the answer in the dictionary first.

    4. Put the word or phrase in the title when asking a question.
    Avoid "help me please", "how do I say this?", "does this word exist?", "I'm new" and the like.

    5. Always provide an example sentence to show the context.

    6. Use the Report function below each post, if you read a post that contains questionable language/pictures or is a post you feel does not belong to this specific forum. This will help to run the forum smoothly.

    7. Don't use the forum as a chat board (it is inefficient); use the private message (Conversation) feature (PC users, left click the member name) if you want to send a personal message to another forum member.

    8. Do not post links to commercial sites.
    This is an advertising free forum and we want to keep it this way.

    9. If you have further questions please post them in the "Comments and Suggestions" Forum or send a private message (Conversation) to your favorite moderator.

    10. Please check the forum rules periodically since they will be updated whenever necessary.

    For a detailed list, please check the comprehensive WR Rules
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    A note on choosing thread titles:

    Please try to stick to the following format:

    Language: Word/Phrase/Query

    For example, prefer "Swahili: what is the time?" to "How do you say 'what is the time' in Swahili?" and "Hungarian: Word Order" to "Word order in Hungarian."

    For multiple languages, use slashes. For example, "Chinese/Japanese/Korean: what is the time?"

    If you are asking about a word or phrase but do not know the language, go with

    Unknown Language: Word/Phrase

    These guidelines will help make the Other Languages Forum more organized. Moderators will change titles as necessary to maximize consistency.
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