please recall the main content according to my reminder?

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If I want my students to repeat the sentence "he's bid his aparatment goodbybe after complaints from his neighbours about loss of sleep", Maybe I need to remind them by saying one or two words. For example, if I say "apartment", maybe maybe students will say:"he has bid his apartment goodbye". Then I remind again by saying "complaints", then my students finish the rest part of the sentence.
But before we get started, maybe I will instruct them: "please recall the sentence according to my reminder". Is it a right sentence? If not, what other expressions are commonly used here?
Thanks a million!!!!
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    Quite frankly, I would not understand this instruction. You would have to give me an example. Why don't you try something like 'I give you a word, you say the sentence in which you heard it'. Or anything simpler along those lines. By the way, it should be 'the biggest problem was' - singular problem. :)


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    long... Please don't shorten the original post after people have responded. Now it is not at all clear what the context is, and the words you were considering are worth discussion.
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