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Please explain the adjectives "pleased" and "pleasing". I don't understand them clearly so it is very difficult for me to do with these sentences:
1. His conversation is vere pleased/pleasing.
2. He had a pleasing/pleased look on his face.
  • dbelle4500

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    I think the difference is who it refers to -

    e.g. he had a pleased look on his face - means that he is pleased
    he had a pleasing look on his face - means that you (and may other people) like the look of his face.


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    His conversation is very pleasing means: He is giving pleasure and satisfaction by the nature of his conversation. It causes you to feel an experience which you like.

    He had a pleasing or pleasant look on his face: The look on his face gives pleasure and satisfaction

    Alternatively You could tell he was pleased by the look on his face: By the look on his face you could tell he was receiving pleasure and satisfaction from something he was experiencing.


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    At the risk of stating the obvious, "pleased" would not work in the first sentence.
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