pleased to meet you

flamboyant lad

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When we say "pleased to meet you" I think we mean:
1. I'm delighted to meet you.
("to meet" I think is an infinitive & to me it doesn't make any sense here.)

So shouldn't we say:
2. I'm delighted by meeting you.
("meeting" I think is a present participle here.)
We do use present participle in this kind of situation e.g.
Hearing the noise, the boy woke up.
  • Giordano Bruno

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    English, England
    Indian English is not the same as BE, I can imagine an Indian saying "I am pleased to be meeting you". "Pleased to meet you" is just a shortened form of "I am pleased to meet you"


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    I don't know how to explain it grammatically, but it is a common construction to use the infinitive in this way.
    - I'm pleased to meet you.
    - I'm glad / happy / sorry to hear that.
    - I'm surprised to see you here.


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    Yes, "I'm surprised to see you here" means the same thing as "Seeing you here surprises me". There is a slight difference of emphasis, but the basic meaning is the same.
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