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Salut tout le monde,

Je cherche à traduire "pli recommandé" en anglais. Attention: au sens du vrai pli recommandé français, c'est-à-dire une feuille repliée sur laquelle est collée directement la liasse LIRE. Pas d'enveloppe.

Evidemment, ça n'existe pas au Royaume-Uni où on utilise systématiquement une enveloppe d'après ce que j'en sais...:confused: :eek:.

Quelqu'un a une idée ?? Merci d'avance.
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    Un pli recommandé (photo)

    I believe we say "an (old) airmail envelope" even though it isn't a true envelope because you don't put anything inside it. Instead you write directly on the inside surface, fold it up, seal it (yes lexi, there is an adhesive edge), and put the stamp and address on the exposed outside surface.

    Alternatives include "an airmail letter" or (and I just found this word), "an aerogram/aerogramme."


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    A bit late to answer, but thanks to both of you. Yes, it was exactly what I was looking for...
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    Yes, an aerogram/aérogramme. I still have some unused ones in my desk, left over from pre-email days!

    I never heard it called un pli recommandé before, which I understand to be a registered mailing (lettre recommandée/registered letter)
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