pluck at the heart strings



I was translating a text about an Aikido instructor who decided to take a path of his own and I'm stuck about this sentence...

Here is the complete section to give you some context : "In human history, there have been great leaders who have been deposed and cast out or chosen a path of their own. Even as children we were told stories like these, and as adults they are a great study in our human history. For Japanese people, these stories pluck at the heart strings, and are a reflection of Japanese attitudes."

I think of something like : "Au cours de l’histoire humaine, il y a eu de grands chefs qui ont été renversés et chassés ou qui ont choisi leur propre chemin. Même lorsque nous sommes enfants, on nous raconte des histoires de ce genre et en tant qu’adultes, elles sont une bonne étude de notre histoire humaine. Pour les Japonais, ces histoires sont au cœur de leurs cordes sensibles et sont une réflexion des attitudes japonaises." But I'm not really satisfied nor sure of the sense...

Any help ?

Thank you in advance.
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