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I wondered if there even existed a plural for 'void'
I am trying to talk about the Jewish Museum in Berlin, with its various voids throughout (that is what the Museum calls them, voids)
But I can't find a plural for void.
I found that void was Das Nichts, but I have no idea what a plural could be. Is there one?
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    Hi, I have a question to the context. You asked for the plural of "void". And you gave the answer, it is "voids".
    Is this no valid plural? You wrote: "But I can't find a plural for void."

    Void may be "nichts" or "das Nichts" or "die Leere".
    Lowercase "nichts" does not have a plural.
    The noun "Nichts" does not have a plural, but you can build a grammatical plural "die Nichtse". But this word does not really exist, because "das Nichts" is a singularetantum and it is non-countable. Logically it does not have a plural in German.
    The void can also be "die Leere" with the plural "die Leeren". "Die Leere" is an empty area or volume, it can also be figurative.

    What exactly is the void in your context?


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    Sorry my question wasn't clear, I meant I was looking for the German translation of 'voids'. I think I'll use leeren Räume.


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    Hi, note that you have to decline the word in your sentence.

    Plural - without article (indefinite), with definite article
    Nominativ: leere Räume, die leeren Räume
    Genitiv: leerer Räume, der leeren Räume
    Dativ: leeren Räumen, den leeren Räumen
    Akkusativ: leere Räume, die leeren Räume

    Example: Ich betrete leere Räume. Ich betrete die leeren Räume.
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