Plural form of a billion


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one billion = 10^9 = one thousand million

How do you say the plural of it? I have translated it in a dictionary to find out that the plural of a billion is: "billions". But that is weird, because:

1) "The net worth of Larry Page is 61.3 billion dollars."

or should it be:

2) "The net worth of Larry Page is 61.3 billions dollars."

Another example. Should I write:

3) "I see billion of stars." (not meaning one billion, meaning a lot)

or, should it be:

4) "I see billions of stars."

I think that million has the same issue.. (also: "His net worth is two million dollars.", why is it not millions?)

Thank you.
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    Units like billion and million are not generally pluralized, except when there is no number attached to them: They owe $10 billion, but they owe billions.
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