plural of fish, fishes?

  • argentina said:
    Is it possible?
    Have a look at the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary online:

    noun (pl. fish or fishes). Fish is the usual plural form. The older form, fishes, can be used to refer to different kinds of fish.

    From childhood memory of the Christian gospel, I think the English versions of the feeding of the 5000 always refers to "five loaves" and "two fishes".



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    Some prefer to use the term "fishes" when refering to two or more species, but according to the dictionary either "fish" or "fishes" is an acceptable plural for "fish."


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    I agree with River. Whenever I hear "fishes" it always reminds me of Thomas Gray's poem, "Ode on a Favourite Cat, drowned in a tub of goldfishes"!
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