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I am trying to find the plural of hijab (or alternately, the singular form if hijab is, in fact, plural.) This is for a paper written in English, so the word in Arabic letters is not necessary.

I have tried several online dictionaries without success, but if anyone has recommendations about where to look, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!
  • cherine

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    Hello Gazelle,
    The word hijab is singular. The plural is hujub.
    But... if you're using it for the head scarf, and in English, then I suggest you simply add an "s" to hijab, because the plural form is not commonly used in Arabic for the head scarves, rather for "veil" in general, as in something veiling(?) or covering things.

    For head scarf we use other words, like (ghitaa2 al-ra2s غطاء الرأس = head cover) or isharp (from the French word écharpe) or even "scarf".


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    In colloquial in the Leviant when hijaab is used to mean headscarf then its plural would be hjaabaat حجابات.

    However, most of the time حجاب refers to veil or cover like Cherine mentioned or the muslim dress-code (including not only the scarf but other elements), while the scarf is refered to with other words depeding on what type it is (إيشارب، منديل، شيلة، نقاب، غطا (الصلاة)، الخ).