plural of rich, poor and young

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    As you know, young, poor and rich are adjectives, but we can use then as noums, plural noums exactly, but my doubt is about the article.
    How can I say:

    "Rich get richer" or "The rich get richer"
    "Poor get poorer" or "The poor get poorer"
    "Young want change the world" or "The young want change the world"

    In the books, I read the second option, but I am speaking about rich in general.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Snubby

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    Yes, you should use the article "the" in each example.
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    Yes, when using these words as nouns, you have to use the article, and the noun is considered plural:

    The rich are comfortable = rich people are comfortable.
    The young are dissatisfied = young people are dissatisfied.

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