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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Hitch57, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Hitch57 Banned

    What's the plural of "who" in the English? I have looked in many dictionaries and can't find it listed. Can you native Englishes tell me what it is? Thanks you!
  2. cj427

    cj427 Senior Member

    Well, that's because there isn't one! "Who is that?" "Who are they?"
  3. Marianela1977 Member

    Spanish Argentina
    I don't think there is a plural form in Eglish for "who", since you can say "Pleople who trust you" and "The person who trusts you".
  4. Hitch57 Banned

    So there's no plural of "who" in the English. Thanks you!
  5. cj427

    cj427 Senior Member

  6. Mr Bones

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    España - Español
    I was also wondering where you are from.
  7. jdenson

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    Houston, Texas
    USA / English
    A couple of corrections.
  8. mirx Banned

    Is there any english teacher here?

    how would you explain that to spanish speakers?

    Once one of them asked me this same question, I told her it depended on the verb or on the verb to be.

    Not very convinved she asked me again that, what happened when you didn't know if there were one person or many as in:

    who is in the room?
    who are in the room?

    this second example sounded extramely strange to me so I told her that If you didn't know the number of people, who always used, a singular form.
    still she looked confused and I suspect she didn' believe me.

    I have never studied grammar and the little englsih I know, I learned it from speaking, movies, and songs, so I am sure I lied to her.

    anyone who wants to give her, a well founded explanation?
  9. Hitch57 Banned

    Yeah, that's why I find it odd that "who" has no distinct plural form in the English. Until posting, I thought the plural of "who" mights be "whos", as in:

    Who is in the room? (singular)


    Whos are in the room? (plural)
  10. mjscott Senior Member

    It is Who's in the room? (as in, Who is in the room?)

    If you don't know if he isin the room, she is in the room, or if they are in the room--you say, "Who is in the room?"
  11. ScienceDay Member

    Actually, there is a plural of "who" in English. It's formed by adding "all" after the "who":

    Who is in room?


    Who all is in room? (plural)
  12. cj427

    cj427 Senior Member

    Fair enough. But that is a colloquialism.
  13. chesty Senior Member


    If 'who all' is the plural form of 'who', then why don't you say 'who all are in the room?' ?

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