plural or singular sunglasses

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There is a dialogue going like this:
A to B:--- What is/are this/those? (Sentence 1)
B to A:----They/It are/is sunglasses. (sentence 2)

My questions are:
1). In sentence 1, is plural or singular correct?
2). In sentence 2, plural or singular?
I know sunglasses are plural noun.
Thank you!
  • Lexiphile

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    Answer 1: Yes, plural or singular is correct.
    Answer 2: They are sunglasses.

    ..because sunglasses is a plural noun.


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    Hi fatbaby,

    What are those?
    They are sunglasses.


    p.s. Yes, lexiphile is right; you can say 'what is that' for the first sentence, as well. It can be used to refer to 'that thing over there (maybe you can't see it too well, so you just see a lump and not a pair of sunglasses).


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    But floise, if you don't know what they are, how can you tell they should be plural? You might well say "what is this?" if the sunglasses are in a box, or if they are some newfangled style of sunglasses that folds up into an unrecognisable object.

    But certainly, if they are obviously glasses, then you might ask "what are these?".
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