plus ou moins illustres


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De plus ou moins illustres personnages se retrouvent au coeur de la tourmente (talking about political scandal). Author then goes on to refer to a famous French businessman and a prominent politician.

So why would he say "de plus ou moins"?

I first wanted to translate it as "figures of varying renown" but now I think I should just use "renowned figures". But then why did he put the "plus ou moins"? Any advice appreciated!
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    Maybe he refers to only the "most" renowned figures & doesn't mention the "less" renowned figures because we wouldn't know them. But it may not necessarily mean that the latter were not involved.
    Or maybe one of them is not so famous after all, even if you have heard of him....


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    Thank you! So I guess I have to keep "figures of varying renown."

    No, they're both pretty famous in France. The author is sometimes not so precise in his writing, but I guess I'll just go with it.
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