plus ou moins secrètes (here)


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En 48 heures avaient été résumées des tractations plus ou moins secrètes impliquant l'Espagne, la France et les États-Unis.

(Hist. context: finalizing the details of the Louisiana Purchase).

I found "maneuvering" for tractations. But I'm confused by "plus ou moins" here.

Could it mean that the maneuvering was:
1. both covert and overt (a combination of both)
2 relatively secretive

The last 48 hours had seen for the most part secretive diplomatic maneuvering on the part of Spain, France and the United States.
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    "Négotiation" could have fit too, instead of diplomatic maneuvering.

    "Plus ou moins" is the exact equivalent of "more or less"

    Hmmm.. I find this hard to translate, i might say something like :

    These 48 hours had ended more or less secretive negotiations involving Spain, France and the United States.
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