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Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by LV4-26, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. LV4-26

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    Hello there,

    I seem to have a problem with private messaging. Or, at least, there's something I don't understand. Hence, I'm no longer sure whether my PMs are received or not (at least not before I receive an answer).

    1. Before, when I sent a PM, I would always be asked whether I wanted the receipt to be confirmed at the moment I submitted it. Now I don't get that any more.

    2. When I open the Private Messages window I access to a window called "folder controls". At the bottom, there's a line that says
    You have X confirmed and Y unconfirmed private message receipts.
    When I click on that line, I have access to 2 lists of sent messages. The PMs in the second list are marked as "unread".

    3. Now when I look up the "sent items" box, I get all the messages I've sent so far. There's supposed to be a blue icon on the left for the "read" (;) blue/read...erm...never mind) messages and an orange one for the "unread" ones. So says the caption at the bottom.

    How come a message that is supposed to be unread as per step 2 above has got a blue icon in the "sent items" box while it should have an orange one ?

    I hope it doesn't sound too complicated

  2. Agnès E.

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    France, French
    I can partly reply to this:

    1. - There is no more pop up to ask you wether you want a receipt for your messages; you have, from now on, to choose to get one each time you write a message in "additional options" (at the bottom of the message writing page).
  3. LV4-26

    LV4-26 Senior Member

    That's a good thing to know. Thanks, Agnès.
  4. cuchuflete

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    Maine, EEUU

    There is another thing to consider here. It is possible for a message to be
    -sent, with confirmation receipt requested
    and still you will not have a receipt...if the reader choses not to send one.

    I don't know if that will display a blue or orange icon for you, but I'll be glad to test this with you if it's a concern.

  5. LV4-26

    LV4-26 Senior Member

    Right, thanks
    I'll have to check a few things first.
    I'll send you 2 PMs successively (today or later). One will be entitled "PM #1". Please don't open that one.
    The other will be entitled "PM #2". Please open and answer that one. Then we'll see what happens. :)

    Thks again

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