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    Can someone explain what 'po aż' means in this context?

    poprzez stopień przekleństwo standardowego aż po to najcięższe stopnie

    my guess is that this means - through the standard grades of swearing up until the strongest grade.

    Is 'po aż' often used?
  2. Anka123123 New Member

    the sentence doesn't work in Polish
  3. Thomas1

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    Hello and welcome to the forums, Ron.

    This isn't a full sentence; it looks like a part of one. I'd translate "aż po" as "right up to" or "all the way to" in this context (also it should be "strongest grades".

    "aż po" is used ("aż" is an emphatic particle in this case).
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  4. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    It's not 'po aż', but 'aż po'. It's a big difference. It's like reversing "until" to "tilun".

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