1. Betral Member

    No encuentro esta palabra. ¿Alguien sabe q significa?
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  2. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina (Spanish)
    Tienes que darnos la palabra dentro de un contexto, Betral.... ¿nos puedes dar la oración completa donde viste la palabra?

    Así podremos ayudarte más y mejor.

    RADIRO Senior Member

    Pock=Pústula, postilla of the kind caused by eruptive diseases.
  4. e.ma Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    I'll give you the context, Eugin (it's only been a year and a half since you asked for it!):

    Bullet holes pocked the walls of residential buldings.

    What I'm looking for is this pocked in Spanish. I understand RADIRO's answer, but still don't know how to translate.

    I have more context even!

    Gun barrels pocked out from the sides of the track.

    ¿Los muros estaban picados de agujeros de bala? ¿Los cañones de los fusiles apuntaban por los lados del camión?

    Por favor...
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  5. rldavis

    rldavis New Member

    Oregon, USA
    English U.S.
    "Pock" is itself a "palabra en desuso". We usually only hear it in the phrase "pock-marked", describing someone's face (una cara picada de viruela u otra condición, como acné) or some other surface (the facade of a building, for example). So e.ma's translation with "los muros ... picados de agujeros de bala" is perfect.

    The sentence by e.ma, "gun barrels pocked out..." should be "poked out", as the great translation with "apuntaban" indicates. I would have used "asomar" or "salirse", but I'm not sure if you can use "asomar" with inanimate objects--una persona se asoma a la ventana, pero es posible que el cañón el fusil asome de la ventanilla del camión?
  6. Jeremy33 Member

    Thanks rldavis for your information about "pock". It has been very useful for me in a translation I am doing about glass blemishes

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